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Aileden Biri “One of the Family” HomeCare Center is established in 2005 and became one of the first companies to be licensed by the Ministry of Health to provide home healthcare services in Turkey.

With its trained and dependable personnel, Aileden Biri is bringing healthcare services into the homes of fragile elderly, people with chronical diseases, disabled people, newly born babies and their mothers, basically everyone wanting to receive care without leaving the familiar surroundings.

Our services for individuals include nurse and caregiver visits, 12 hour shift services, GP visits and other healthcare related assistance such as rental and sales of home medical equipment. First and foremost, all of these services are provided where people feel themselves most secure, that is, at home.

Having examined succesful models of home healthcare organizations abroad, founders of the company combined their knowledge with the know-how of leading experts in the field in Turkey. The company aspires to offer the highest level of service by adhering to principles of medical ethics, to the legislation enacted by the Ministry of Health and by the quidance set forth by American National Association for Home Care and Hospice, Home Care Association of America and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Aileden Biri is also a member of the Home Care Association of Turkey, which aims to expand home care services provided by medical professionals and develop a home care model suitable for Turkish society.

Aileden Biri employees are carefully selected from a pool of experienced members of the healthcare sector. Before initiation, prospective candidates go through a detailed identity and experience inquiry process. Thereafter, completion of an assesment exam is required and only high scoring prospects get accepted and receive orientation and home care training. We constantly measure the level of knowledge of our employees and support them with additional in-house trainings.

The control mechanisms are designed in a way that the care receiver and care providers are constantly monitored. Our employees can reach our company and our experts 24 hours a day and care receivers and their families can send us their requests around the clock. Service quality is audited with regular supervision visits and follow-up calls.

Our philosophy is serving individuals and their families with love and care just as someone from the family would do.

i. Principals

  • Putting the person to the forefront by being respectful to the care recipients and their families and by being fair to our employees
  • Making trust the cornerstone of all our services by working with high ethical standards, honesty and responsibility
  • Focusing on continuous improvement by constantly evaluating the feedback from our stakeholders and contributing to the development of our employees
  • Being transparent, accountable and auditable by all of our stakeholders at each step
  • Vision

    • To be the first reference center that comes to mind with regards to long-term healthcare services provided to the elderly, the disabled and individuals with chronic diseases in Turkey
  • Mission

    • Reach all individuals and families in need of long-term health and care services and to make the services offered by professional employees accessible for all
  • Team


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